File Path Reverse Slashes Tool Online

This tool will take any string and turn the back slashes into forward slashes and vice versa.


Example Input/Output for this tool:

  • Converting Forward Slashes to Back Slashes
    Input - C:/Users/User1/HomeDirectory
    Output - C:\Users\User1\HomeDirectory
  • Converting Back Slashes to Forward Slashes
    Input - C:\Downloads\Photos\Picture1
    Output - C:/Downloads/Photos/Picture1

Origin Story

Every tool that I build on this site was built to solve a specific problem that I ran into. The problem that spawned this tool was that Windows file paths tend to have back slashes (ie. C:\Users\User1) but file paths for unit test attributes in C# NUnit tests require forward slashes (ie. C:/Users/User1). Thus this tool was born!

Computer Strings and their "Slash Orientation"