Online camelCase Conversion Tool

This tool will take any string and convert it to camelCase. All conversions are done in the browser (client side) so you don't have to worry about us logging your input server side.

Frequently Asked Questions about camelCase

What is camelCase?

camelCase is a type of formatting that is a compound word made up of group of words (or a phrase) where the first letter of the first word is lowercase and the first letter of any subsequent word is uppercase.

What is an example of camelCase?

If our original phrase is "Light Switch is turned On". We would then compound the word into "LightSwitchisturnedOn", and then following the camelCase rules we would get "lightSwitchIsTurnedOn".

Why should you use camelCase?

camelCase simply makes compund words easier to read. From the example above which phrase do you think is easer to read?

  • A) LightSwitchisturnedon
  • B) lightSwitchIsTurnedOn
The answer is B, at first glance it is much easier to distinguish the words "Is", "Turned", and "On".
Did you actually like choice A better?
I recommend reading about PascalCase.