Our Trip from Fargo, ND to Glacier National Park

Planning for a trip to Glacier National Park may seem like a simple process, but there was quite a bit more planning than I had originally thought.

The biggest question mark for me was: How much was it going to cost us in fuel for a round-trip from Fargo to Glacier National Park?

So I did what any rational person (data nerd) would do, and I saved every receipt from each gas station stop. Outside of the data provided in this blog post, I highly recommend you check out GasBuddy and their excellent Trip Cost Calculator before heading out on your trip.


  • We took our trip in late July/early August of the summer of 2020.
  • I know that we spent about $50 in gas in addition to the costs below for fuel for just driving through the park on our 4 day stay.

Total Fuel Costs

In total it cost us about $237 in gas for our round-trip from Fargo, ND to Glacier National Park.

Description Total Fuel Cost
Initial Tank of Gas $20
Driving in the Park $50
Traveling Fargo to Glacier and back $167
Total $237

Gas Stations, Dates, and Costs

Date Gas Station - Location Cost per Gallon Total Fuel Stop Cost
7/25/20 Shell - Steele, ND $1.97 $10.57
7/27/20 Conoco & Town Pump - Glendive, MT $2.11 $21.23
7/27/20 Exxon & Town Pump - Lewistown, MT $2.24 $20.06
7/27/20 Walmart - Great Falls, MT $2.18 $6.51
7/27/20 Glacier Highlands - West Glacier, MT $2.65 $18.01
7/28/20 Cenex - Hungry Horse, MT $2.24 $11.19
7/31/20 Safeway - Whitefish, MT $2.59 $23.17
8/1/20 Holiday - Billings, MT $2.18 $17.55
8/1/20 Crossroads Cenex - Glendive, MT $2.11 $22.44
8/1/20 Exxon - Bismarck, ND $1.99 $16.72
Total $2.22 (Average) $167.45


The fuel costs associated with traveling from Fargo, ND to Glacier National Park cost us about $237 in the Summer of 2020.