Brendan Sluke

The Internet a Brief History

The internet is one of humanities greatest inventions, but how did it become the internet that we know today? 1960s - The Internet is Born Who Invented the Internet? This is one the most often asked questions that comes up when people start to research and question the origination of the internet. Was it started by 1 person? Was it created by a company or a single government organization? The truth is, the internet was the result of the efforts of many scientific programmers and scientists beginning in the early 1960s.

How to add Google Analytics to an Angular 9 Web App

Google Analytics is one of the best free ways to monitor the traffic that is coming into your website or web app. I am currently building a site called Buncha Tools and I want to add Google Analytics to monitor the traffic/visitors for my web app. By the end of this article you will successfully have Google Analytics working in your Angular App. Notes: I am using the 4th version of Google Analytics (GA4) and Angular 9.

Stop Google Analytics in Development on Localhost

Backstory When I first started using Google Analytics for a personal project it was difficult to tell how many actual page views my app was receiving because while developing new features in my Angular app I was sending “page views” to Google Analytics. This is a quick guide to stop Google Analytics from sending data while you are are in the process of developing your application. Note I am using the 4th version of Google Analytics (GA4) and Angular 9.