Open the gitignore File for your Git Repository

Locate your gitignore file and open the file, usually the gitignore file is a generic text file named .gitignore.txt at the root of the folder that you cloned your git repository into.

If the gitignore file doesn't exist, simply create a text file named .gitignore.txt in the root folder.

Add gitignore Pattern to ignore /bin and /obj folders

If your gitignore file is empty simply paste these lines in to create a new gitignore pattern, otherwise paste these lines at the end of your gitignore file after all current existing gitignore patterns:

# Ignore any files in /bin and /obj Folders

Success! 🎉

Now any files in the /bin or /obj folders will be ignored throughout your git repository and they will no longer show up when you view changes to your repository via git.

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