Brendan Sluke

Brendan Sluke

Hello, I'm Brendan Sluke!

Welcome to my personal site, I have recently moved my Web Development blog off of my personal site.

I'm hoping to write about more personal ideas and philosophies that aren't 100% about Software or Web Development.

A lot of my current web development projects live on

The best place to contact me is by DM'ing me on Twitter or sending me an email: contact[at]

This site is built using Next.js and is deployed using Vercel.

This site is also open source, if you want to add something please open an issue on github.

If you are interested in some of the tools that I use for web development, check out my Tools I Use page.

If you want the secret recipe for my Grandma Jo's BBQs (Sloppy Joes), checkout Joanne Sluke's BBQ Recipe.